Technician Portfolio

Fender Squire Affinity P-Bass 2001
I purchased a Squire off craigslist at a very good price.  Not liking the color though, I decided to do something about it.  I used an industrial paint stripper along with a scraper to remove all the layers of paint and polyethylene.  I sanded and stained the wood a Red Mahogany.  I finished it off with two cans of Shellac, and a can of polyethylene for durability.  I kept all the same electronics and pickups but added a nice genuine Fender tortoise pick guard.  I think the resulting guitar is one that looks very much like it is something out of the sixties.

Fender MIM Precision Bass 1992
I purchased this Fender bass off craigslist. It was in good shape but needed some serious fine tuning. I took the bass apart and shimmed the neck to bring the action down. I filed and re-glued the graphite nut that had been added. I replaced the black pickguard with a tortoise one. When I removed the neck, I found out that the black pickguard was a nock-off because it did not have the standard number of fender screw holes. A previous owner had sanded with a fine grit, what was once a gloss black into a matt black finish.

Teisco Del Rey E-110 “Tulip” 1969
This is a year 1969 department store guitar made in Japan. It is the cheapest of the 1969 Teiscos and the last year before Teisco folded shop. I purchased this guitar off ebay. I completely took to guitar apart and cleaned and polished every screw.  I also rewired the guitar, as it was not working when it came to me.

Custom Guitar Pedalboard
I recently was asked to play guitar for a post-punk band in Mexico city.  My standard pedalboard is too big to fit in a suitcase, so I needed a board that would be able to fit in a carry on size.  Not wanting so spend the outrageous price on a new one, I decided to make it my self.  I used an old shelf I found in the garage, and some extra leftover Velcro I had laying around.  I was able to make this board at zero cost.

Sound Proof Panneling
A friend gave me some left over material for some sound proofing panels.  I decided to save some bucks and see what I could do with some discarded pallets.
I broke them down and it turned out that the 4′ pallet legs were perfect length to fit three panels into a square.  I used a free washing machine box I picked up at Lowes to back the panels.

Adding Aux in to a Car Stereo/Receiver Motherboard
My 2005 Toyota Prius Does not have the capability to ad an aux input. I searched around the internet a bit and found some people who had successfully soldered an aux cable directly to their stereo motherboard. This can be done with a tape deck or cd player, and they will still function. To do this you have to find the left and right channels where they come in contact with the board from the player. Usually they are labeled, and on my board I was able to find LCH and RCH. I soldered to these and then a ground. I put everything back together without missing a screw, plugged it in and it worked! An Aux in added to my car for just the minor price of a cable.